Full-Stack Web Developer Road Map

In this post we are going to discuss about the full-stack web developer road map. Modern digital technology is evolving every day. It provides better services with digitally advanced software tools. There are many platforms available now to build and design your website. But there is also another option of hiring a professional website developer for this purpose if you want to get the perfect results.

A business website always needs an expert hand or touch to bring the desired results that will help you to grow your business. Your customers have numerous choices to get what they are looking for. Thus, you have to design your web pages not only to sell services or products but also to inform and help them technically by making your site appealing and user-friendly. It would be a wise choice to invest in a trusted and reputed web development company in Kolkata that can offer you the best services including both front-end and back-end development.

What is Full-Stack Development? Who are Full-Stack Web Developers

Full-stack web development includes both front-end and back-end services of the web application. And full-stack web developers are the professionals who manages the both. 

Front end – It is the visible portion of your website which provides user experience. The coding languages used in front-end development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The popular libraries and frameworks used in Front end development are –

  • Angular Js
  • React.js
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • SASS

Back end – It is the server-side development of your website. It can manage the database and APIs. The libraries and framework used in back-end development are –

  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Java Script
  • Node.js
  • Ruby

Database – To develop a dynamic website, you must possess knowledge of database-driven website stores, the benefits of SQL (RDBMS), connecting backend language with a database, and how to store cookies, sessions, and cached data.

Thus, in simple words, we can say that it is the development of a website. It is a kind of software development that takes place at the front end and back end. It involves developing a graphical user interface (UI).

full stack web developer road map

What Does a Full-Stack Developer Do?

A full-stack web developer manages to work with the Back end and Front End of a web application. They have skills like database management, graphic designing, and coding skills. Many website development company in India offers full-stack development service.

Let’s try to understand the responsibilities of a full-stack web developer –

  1. They can help you with the website design and development of software.
  2. Performing tests and debugging the software to keep it optimized.
  3. Writing proper codes for the software.
  4. Designing a graphical user interface for your website.
  5. Creating servers and databases.
  6. Ensuring website optimization.
  7. Maintaining the responsive design of your site.
  8. They collaboratively work with graphic designers to design new features.
  9. Optimizing the advanced software.
  10. Ensuring web security, site maintenance, scalability, and much more.

Advantages of Full-Stack Web Development

Still wondering how it can benefit your website. Read the mentioned points to understand the advantage of hiring a full-stack development agency.

Easy to switch –

A professional full stack web developer knows very well how to switch between front end and back end depending upon your project it can save your time as well as money also. The developer can understand your website’s complexities and solve them without spending time explaining the code or design to another developer as she/he knows well that she/he is a one-man army.

Design the entire structure –

The best part about hiring these developers is that their skills are not only limited to web development but in fact, they can handle the entire design structure on every level. They have proficiency in coding and design that prevents them from any slip-ups during web development.

Cost-saving –

Hiring a separate front-end web developer and back-end web developer is going to be very costly while a full-stack developer from a renowned web development company in India can offer you specialized full-stack development staff who can offer both the development service at less cost.

Easy to upgrade –

These developers can update their knowledge about new technology and tools much faster in comparison to a front-end or back-end developer. This happens due to the useful knowledge of all aspects they have.

Comprehensive work –

These developer’s team can divide their design and development as per the requirement of the project.

Provides complete solution –

The team of full-stack web developers can analyze the root cause of a problem and put their complete focus on it to provide the best solution using their advanced knowledge of technology.

On-time delivery –

The developer team shares responsibilities and maintains coordination to deliver a better project in a short period.

Denoted as T-shaped Developers –

You might not know this but full-stack web developers are known as T-shaped developers. Their ability to apply knowledge in different conditions is represented by the horizontal line and their efficiency and productiveness is represented by the vertical line.

Successful Companies are Hiring Full-Stack Web Developers

Hiring these proficient developers is no more a matter of concern because many agencies are offering this service. A website owner should hand over his dream project by explaining his/her requirements for business purposes.  Hiring these agencies is beneficial because it saves time and money and hard effort also. All the small startups and business has grown their demand for full-stack development.

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